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Yeah, I know. I will explain that right away!

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  • A team works in short cycles (called sprints) that are typically 2–4 weeks long.
  • A prioritized list of requirements called the product backlog is created.
  • Before each sprint, a number of features are chosen from the product backlog to be part of the cycle. …

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Show me the code

  1. The Complete Software Developer’s Career Guide : In this book you will learn
  • How to systematically find and fill the gaps in your technical knowledge so you can face any new challenge with confidence
  • Should you take contract work — or hold out for a salaried position? Which will earn you more, what the tradeoffs are, and how your personality should sway your choice
  • Should you learn JavaScript, C#, Python, C++? …

Alerts in Kotlin with Anko

alert("Testing alerts") {
alert("Testing alerts") {
title = "Alert"
yesButton { toast("Yes!") }
noButton { }

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