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  • BLOCK6


    BLOCK6 — CHANGING THE WORLD WITH BLOCKCHAIN → https://linktr.ee/block6 → https://block6.tech

  • Jesse Williams

    Jesse Williams

    I’m Jesse Williams, I specialize in developer marketing. Currently AWS, previously Red Hat Developer. | Learn more: www.jesse-williams.com

  • Bunzz Dev

    Bunzz Dev

    Bunzz is the world's first platform that allows software developers and businesses to develop DApps (Decentralized Applications) without knowing how to code

  • Kai-Fu Lee

    Kai-Fu Lee

    AI Expert, CEO of Sinovation Ventures (创新工场), founding President of Google China, Author of “AI Superpowers”

  • Vincent Iroleh

    Vincent Iroleh

    Software Engineer

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